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With innovation happening at a breakneck pace nowadays, investors want to know how it affects their current and future investments. This half-hour show explains how new products and ideas provide long-term investment opportunities that can bring high-yield returns. Whether it's new types of medicine or advancements in areas like nanotechnology and transportation, "The Edge" illustrates what it means for your money now and in the future.

Latest episodes

aired 1 day ago
Willem learns about the latest energy storage technology and how batteries could power more than just cell phones.
aired 7 days ago
Aoife Wilson explores the latest in extreme multiplayer mobile games and disruptive subscription services, and meets the players who are making millions from gaming.
aired 14 days ago
aired 21 days ago
aired 28 days ago
Tania Bryer explores the latest innovations within the beauty industry, from hyperpersonalization to state-of-the-art treatments and groundbreaking technology.
aired 35 days ago
Changes to the 9 to 5 workday include wacky workspaces, digital nomadism and under-skin technology.
aired 42 days ago
A health care revolution; genomics personalizes treatment and care; data helps conquer diseases.
aired 49 days ago
aired 56 days ago
aired 63 days ago
From an Energy Expo in Kazakhstan, tech start-ups seek to change the way the planet is powered.
aired 70 days ago
A preview of the future innovations set to change the lives of Singapore's residents.
aired 77 days ago
Exploring how to make money in the future from feeding the world to edible food packaging.
aired 84 days ago
A discussion on nuclear fusion with the international thermonuclear experimental reactor.
aired 91 days ago
Highlights of the Mobile World Congress show.
aired 91 days ago
aired 98 days ago
Exploring innovations set to change the world, from a mission to Mars to finding the God particle.
aired 105 days ago
Connecting India's 1.3 billion citizens provides an opportunity for global tech giants and local start-ups.
aired 112 days ago
aired 112 days ago
Previewing the latest products from Sony, Samsung and Fitbit at Europe's biggest consumer electronics show.
aired 119 days ago
Gene technology used by Olympic gold medallist Greg Rutherford.
aired 125 days ago

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