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Ten Days in the Valley

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Jane Sadler is the overworked producer of a controversial show about law enforcement. Already spread thin between work and a separation from her husband, she's dealt a brutal blow when her young daughter goes missing in the middle of the night. The line between her personal life and the show blurs more than she ever thought possible as she wades through the devastating mystery of her daughter's disappearance. She discovers that everyone seems to have a secret, and there is no longer anyone she can truly trust.

Latest episodes

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Jane finds herself in immediate danger when the kidnapper's identity is discovered; Bird's investigation connects him to new evidence that leads to a shocking confrontation; Ali reveals a secret to Pete; Tom has to make a choice.
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Jane flees town for her own protection while Bird continues to work the case; Ali tries to keep the peace with Pete; Red's identity is revealed.
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Jane's search for Lake reaches a climax; Ali finds herself in an unexpected situation with P.J., Jane's drug dealer.
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Jane and Bird revisit the scene of the Casita raid; Ali learns some surprising news about Tom; Jane discovers a shocking development about Gus.
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Jane gets a surprise phone call about who has Lake; Jane must find Gus so he can trace the call.
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Jane is determined to do anything to get her daughter back; Pete inadvertently pushes Tom toward writing a career-making story.
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Jane's belief that Pete took Lake leads her down a dark path, putting both of them in danger; Bird digs further into Lake's disappearance and begins to unravel Jane's lies.
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A breakthrough in the investigation sends Detective Bird and Jane to the studio to question the show's production team; Pete goes on the attack in a rash display of emotion.
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Jane tries to find and question PJ about Lake; Bird learns the truth about Lake's nanny; Pete, Ali, and Tom canvas the neighborhood to find Lake.
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When TV producer Jane Sadler's daughter goes missing, Jane's world implodes, leaving her with no one to trust.

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