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Saving money is a priority for many people during tough economic times, which makes it a good subject for reality shows to cover. In each episode of "Super Saver Showdown," host Kristan Cunningham pits two bargain hunters against each other to see who can save the most money by clipping coupons, finding sales and using their DIY skills. In addition to playing for themselves, the "super savers" are playing for families looking to throw lavish events on small budgets. In the first round, the savers -- paired with a member of their family -- have $100 and 20 minutes with which to shop for food essentials for the party. The saver who wins that round, and the family he or she is playing for, gets a week of free groceries. In the second round, the savers have 48 hours and an additional $100 to finish planning the parties. At the end of the game, Cunningham judges the contestants on the savings and styles of the parties to determine the winner, who takes home $10,000.

Latest episodes

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A Rock 'n' Roll Graduation and a Hollywood Premiere Sweet 16 party on a budget.
VOD available
Luck of the Irish vs. Classic Car; planning a family party on a budget.
VOD available
Shoppers compete to get the best deals for a child's birthday party.
VOD available
Mexican fiesta vs. a backyard Southern barbecue.

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