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Spy in the Wild

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Uncovering how similar humans really are to animals using a new generation of spy cameras.

Latest episodes

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Extraordinary efforts make spy cameras part of animal families.
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From delinquent meerkats to thieving penguins, animals misbehave, but they also have a surprising sense of justice.
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The Spy Creatures discover how friendships are a vital part of animal societies. Spy Wolf Cub joins a pack of arctic wolves, where a real cub's survival depends on friendships in one of the harshest environments in the world.
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Tools, medicine and drugs can all be found in animal societies, including chimps that throw stones and hunt with spears, elephants that use branches as fly swatters, and lemurs that get intoxicated on the secretions of millipedes.
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Exploring animal emotion in all its forms, from the love and devotion of an elephant family, to dancing birds of paradise and flirting polar bears.