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Former New Kids on the Block member Joey McIntyre began an acting career after the group first disbanded in the 1990s, and those worlds collide in this scripted comedy series. McIntyre plays a version of himself, along with his real-life family -- wife Barrett and children Griffin, Rhys and Kira -- as he embarks on a quest to be taken seriously as an actor. When Joey pitches a drama series to fledgling cable network The Comfy Channel, they instead offer him a job hosting a late-night talk show, which he reluctantly accepts, forcing him to navigate the talk-show industry. Also starring in the series are former NKOTB bandmate Donnie Wahlberg and his wife Jenny McCarthy, who also serve as executive producers with McIntyre.

Latest episodes

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After a series of disastrous events on premiere day, Joe steps up to save the show.
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When Joe is forced to book his own celebrity guests, he finds out there's a daytime mafia controlling the booking of celebrities.
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Depressed about the demise of his show, Joe allows himself to go into a decline until the network stages an intervention.
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While Sam is away, Paige makes a bold move and switches Joe's show to daytime, and it becomes a "Maury"-type tabloid talk show; Joe quits.
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The network finds a sponsor for Joe's show that sells adult diapers designed for millennials, sending Joe into a panic over his body image; Sam has a breakdown.
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Feeling threatened by newly appointed sidekick Joey Fatone, Joe heads to a comedy club to hone his comedy monologue skills.
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Joe finds out that Comfy offered Joey Lawrence the talk show first, sparking a fierce competition that devolves into a dance off.
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Joe McIntyre goes to the cable network Comfy Channel to pitch a drama series, but he is persuaded to host his own late-night talk show instead.

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