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Rapt is a sci-fi drama set in a Dublin where, in a single instant, everyone has vanished. Everyone, that is, but paramedic and single mum Ange Smith, who finds herself alone in an empty world and desperate to find her way home to her baby daughter. Except the world isn't as empty as she might have thought - strange and dangerous forces are on the prowl.

Latest episodes

VOD available
Security guard Jonathan brings Ange to meet other Survivor, Martina.
VOD available
Barely escaping the unknown death ripping through the streets, Ange tracks her mother's phone to the now abandoned local shopping centre.
VOD available
Alone in an eerily empty Dublin, Ange races home to find her daughter - but Jeannie and her mother, Kathleen, aren't there.
VOD available
On her first day back to work, paramedic and new mother Ange Smith gets a call-out: a strangely intense suicidal woman in a business suit with a warning about impending doom.