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Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon: Ultra Adventures

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Ash and Pikachu explore the Aether Foundation, an organization dedicated to Pokémon conservation and care, but the school may not be as innocent as it seems, forcing Ash and his friends to work together to protect the people and Pokémon they love.

Latest episodes

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The Pokémon School students have visitors at the start of break and Ash can't believe his eyes.
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Ash and Pikachu find themselves mysteriously transported to a different world that has been destroyed by a wild Guzzlord.
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Ash and Pikachu encounter an electrifying Ultra Beast after stumbling into an unfamiliar area.
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An ocean-loving Eevee travels many miles, and another journey is about to begin.
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The crew of the hit TV show "Alolan Detective Laki" invite Rotom Dex to join the cast.
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Ash and Rowlet challenge a new friend to a battle, which brings them experiences they never imagined.
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When an adorable Stufful goes missing from the Aether Paradise conservation area, everyone suspects Team Rocket of foul play.
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The Ultra Guardians have been summoned to investigate unusual magnetic activity around Wela Volcano.
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Harper and Sarah create a haunted house with Shuppet and Mimikins to provide entertainment, but then more ghost-type Pokémon join in on the fun.
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The Pokémon school class puts on a play with more twists and turns than they could ever expect.
aired 29 days ago
Lunala and a mysterious Pokémon do battle in front of the Ultra Guardians.
aired 30 days ago
Things are not right in Alola, and the group wants to find out why.
aired 31 days ago
Everybody looks forward to a relaxing day at a health spa, although a few secretly have different plans.
aired 32 days ago
When a giant vaulting horse appears at the school, Ash jumps on.
aired 33 days ago
The heroes meet an astoundingly talented artist, but there's much more to her and her partner than meets the eye.
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When the Masked Royal is due to appear in town to hold a show and a meet-and-greet, Kukui convinces Molayne to don the mask so his wife won't figure out his secret identity, but Team Rocket unexpectedly throws a wrench in his plan.
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The rumors are true, and the heroes can't pika-believe what they find.
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The Ultra Guardians are on a mission to save Poipole's world, and everyone and everything depends on them.
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The heroes attempt to rescue Solgaleo from UB Black's clutches.
aired 36 days ago
When Faba appoints himself professor for the day at the Pokémon school, an unexpected event shows that big adventures can come in small packages.
aired 37 days ago
A rousing class project has everyone out of their chairs and dancing.