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My Babysitter's a Vampire

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Geeky teen Ethan Morgan has a hot baby sitter, which most teenage boys would think is a good thing. The only problem is that Ethan's baby sitter, Sarah, is half-vampire (hence the show's title). Sarah drags Ethan and his pals, Benny and Rory (who was recently turned into a vampire himself), into a world of supernatural battles against creatures from their nightmares in order to save their town from vampires. Sarah hopes to one day become human again so she can save her soul -- and so she can spend less time protecting the geeky trio.

Latest episodes

aired 959 days ago
Ethan and Benny learn the truth about what they're up against.
aired 960 days ago
The Vampire Council has been raided, and the intruder is looking for the Lucifractor.
aired 963 days ago
Rory's mask turns guests into the real-life versions of their costumes.
aired 964 days ago
The school's hockey team has a new star player.
aired 965 days ago
Ethan and Benny find that a local singer is a Siren.
aired 966 days ago
Ethan, Benny and Sarah think they can handle their adventures on their own.
aired 968 days ago
Two teens go missing and the gang begins to suspect something fishy's going on.
aired 969 days ago
Ethan gets his learner's permit and a rusty, old car from a garage sale.
aired 970 days ago
Mr. G accidentally summons an ancient Mayan sky queen.
aired 971 days ago
Ethan and his friends haven't seen Sarah since she became a vampire.
aired 972 days ago
The return of an old enemy forces Sarah to make the one choice she's been dreading all year.
aired 973 days ago
When a boring night babysitting becomes a seance, an ancient demonic spirit takes over Sarah's body.
aired 974 days ago
The coffee at LottaLatte is turning people into zombies.
aired 975 days ago
Strange vines grow into the school's computer lab and into students.
aired 977 days ago
Ethan wants to ask Sarah out, but doesn't think he has a chance; Benny decides to whip up a love potion.
aired 978 days ago
Benny puts his grandmother's old magic camera up for sale. One of his classmate buys it to use for yearbook pictures. Little does she know that this camera makes a negative of your soul, which creates an evil twin.
aired 979 days ago
Ethan's younger sister Jane uses Benny's spellbook to bring a doll to life.
aired 980 days ago
Ethan wins a contest to hang out with Doug Falconhawk: Ethan realizes that three of his friends are huntable vampires.
aired 981 days ago
The nurses of Red Rider blood donations sink their needles into Whitechapel High. All that blood is huge temptation for Sarah - and a prize for Erica and Rory. Ethan and Benny have to keep everyone away from that blood.
aired 984 days ago
Ethan and Benny set out to prove that the school's hairiest jock is a werewolf.
aired 985 days ago
The ghost of Coach Ed thinks it's time Whitechapel High wins another sports trophy.

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