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Being in the spotlight doesn't necessarily make life easier for reality TV stars and, in fact, often makes things harder for the celebrities. Oftentimes, their relationships suffer from the notoriety. In this series of the "Marriage Boot Camp" franchise, stars of such shows as "The Real Housewives" and "Bad Girls Club" seek help from therapists and other experts to prevent their personal relationships -- either romantic or familial -- from getting worse. The therapists put the celebs and their loved ones through their form of boot camp, testing them with challenges that include revealing some of their deepest secrets and personal woes.

Latest episodes

aired 53 days ago
The latest buzz surrounding "Boot Camp" as fans weigh in on social media.
aired 60 days ago
The ring ceremony leads to shocking decisions, heartache and divorce papers; an unexpected guest derails one couple's trip to the alter and wreaks havoc in the house.
aired 60 days ago
The latest buzz swirling around the series as fans weigh in on social media; includes pop-up commentary and the hottest gossip.
aired 60 days ago
A surprise lie detector test wreaks havoc in the house; one couple tries to flee the house to dodge questions about a cheating scandal; a singles night out on the town leads to a booze-fueled disaster.
aired 67 days ago
The latest buzz swirling around the series as fans weigh in on social media; includes pop-up commentary and the hottest gossip.
aired 74 days ago
The couples come to blows with their own worst enemy: themselves; teen Mom Kailyn and Javi's child support war ignites; a standoff between Love & Hip Hop's Peter and Amina sparks a firestorm.
aired 74 days ago
Check out the latest buzz around Boot Camp as the fans weigh in on social media; featuring pop up commentary, dishing the hottest gossip.
aired 81 days ago
The stars are sent to the slammer when a lesson in forgiveness sparks a rebellion; a prison break in the house leads to the biggest shut down in Boot Camp history.
aired 81 days ago
Puppet therapy turns kinky when the stars get candid and expose their sex lives; Peter gets caught in the act with his ex, Tara; Asifa and Bobby's heated fight leads to the biggest exit in Boot Camp history.
aired 81 days ago
Checking out the latest buzz around Boot Camp as the fans weigh in on social media; featuring pop up commentary, dishing the hottest gossip!
aired 88 days ago
A blindfolded paddle board race forces the couples to navigate the treacherous waters of communication; Kailyn and Javi come to blows; Javi is pushed to his breaking point and jumps ship.
aired 95 days ago
The latest buzz around Boot Camp; featuring pop-up commentary; the hottest gossip.
aired 95 days ago
Jealousy and infidelity run rampant when the couples are forced to watch their partners flirt at a singles mixer; Mehgan goes ballistic when DeAndre crosses the line; Amina finds comfort in a stranger.
aired 102 days ago
The stars battle it out in a vicious game of blame-throwing and become forced to carry their heavy burdens together; Asifa exposes Bobby's dirty laundry; Kailyn and Javi war over infidelity and child support.
aired 102 days ago
With their relationships on life support, the couples stare death in the face when forced to pull the plug on their partners; a brutally honest letter to widowed single mother Juelia comes back to haunt JJ.
aired 102 days ago
The latest buzz around Boot Camp; the fans weigh in on social media; featuring pop up commentary; dishing the hottest gossip.
aired 109 days ago
Reality TV's most explosive couples rock Boot Camp, including a Teen Mom and a powder keg duo from Shahs of Sunset; a "shock" gun wedding sparks chaos; a divorce bombshell and a surprise guest shocks all!.
aired 109 days ago
The latest buzz around Boot Camp as the fans weigh in on social media; featuring pop-up commentary and the hottest gossip.
aired 116 days ago
The latest buzz around Boot Camp as the fans weigh in on social media; featuring pop-up commentary and the hottest gossip.
aired 123 days ago
The latest buzz around Boot Camp as the fans weigh in on social media; featuring pop-up commentary and the hottest gossip.
aired 144 days ago
Reality star couples are pushed to the limit in a marriage boot camp.
aired 235 days ago
A brutal confrontation rages on and shuts down boot camp; lie detector shocks all; one boot camper is busted for cheating; families face final decision to mend or end their toxic ties forever.
aired 242 days ago
A surprise lie detector test sparks chaos; Paula and Farrah nearly come to blows; Kendra threatens to leave; things spiral out of control, bringing the Boot Camp to its knees.
aired 242 days ago
Surprise guests shock the families, exposing dark childhood secrets from generation to generation; Marc finally cracks; Kendra continues to feel unloved; Debra returns and drama explodes.
aired 249 days ago
Panic strikes when the families face their communication issues in an escape room; Marc goes ballistic; Kendra finds a daunting clue about her mom's looming tell-all book; Farrah discovers her mom's big secret.
aired 249 days ago
A Boot Camp Thanksgiving sparks family war when a brutal game of football underscores negative traits; Farrah takes a tumble while Paula gets put in a big time-out; Debra's secret erupts in her absence.
aired 249 days ago
The blame game hits the families like a ton of bricks in the fight to keep relationships afloat; cheaters pay the price when busted; Farrah and Debra's abuse issues erupt; Debra's big secret.
aired 256 days ago
A birthday bash takes a deadly turn; families say final goodbyes at a surprise funeral; Paula unleashes her rage while the Sorrentinos' loyal brotherhood destructs; Kendra faces her worst nightmare -- her mother.
aired 277 days ago
Four reality stars and their toxic family members check into Boot Camp as a last resort; after two years of silence, Kendra and Patti face off; a surprise holiday celebration sparks a brutal confrontation.
aired 305 days ago
Catching a first look of the new season of the reality series.
aired 28 days ago
The couples confront their traumatic pasts; Sundy breaks her silence; Cedric is devastated; Catherine and Sean start to crack.
aired 29 days ago
The reality stars open up about their sex lives; Sean and Catherine bear it all; Sundy and Benzino's secret past it exposed.
aired 30 days ago
Frustration builds in a blind communication drill; Mama June suffers a panic attack; Sugar Bear confesses to more infidelities.
aired 31 days ago
The couples fight dirty in a verbal boxing match; Catherine and Ink drop truth bombs; Sugar Bear is forced to come clean about his infidelities.
aired 32 days ago
A spouse swap that entails a sexy tango competition spiraling into a jealous rampage; Sundy goes commando.
aired 33 days ago
A surprise wedding takes a dark turn when tragedy strikes; Judge Lynn Toler unleashes wrath; Benzino goes ballistic.
aired 34 days ago
For some of the new recruits, Marriage Boot Camp is the last resort for couples on the edge; Benzino and fiancee Althea Heart ("Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta") enter the mansion mid-argument while "Bad Girls Club's" Sarah Oliver urges her boyfriend to settle down; Mama June & Sugar Bear ("Here Comes Honey Boo Boo") try to overcome the scandal that shook their family.
aired 266 days ago
The reality stars make an ultimate decision; results from the lie detector test; the final ring ceremony.
aired 267 days ago
A surprise lie detector test sparks a huge meltdown; infidelity is revealed; Travis storms off while Aubrey goes ballistic and threatens to leave the house.
aired 268 days ago
The couples unleash years of pent-up rage when they face their inner demons; a revelation pushes Tami and Reggie's relationship to the brink.
aired 269 days ago
The couples reveal traumatic events from the past and work toward forgiveness; Tami makes a shocking revelation; a surprise ambush leaves Hank frozen in fear.
aired 272 days ago
A boot camp sex tape exposes Mike's weaknesses; Travis's insecurities and Kendra's need for control; Tami threatens to leave boot camp.
aired 273 days ago
Hank finally breaks his silence to make a confession about his alleged affair with a transgender model, devastating Kendra; Travis crumbles after receiving criticism.
aired 274 days ago
A spouse swap sparks drama; Tami confronts Hank; Travis blasts Kendra; Kendra questions her strength.
aired 275 days ago
The couples' destructive communication goes off the deep end; Jeff and Jordan's relationship; Kendra demands Hank tell the truth.
aired 276 days ago
The couples face off in divorce court; Aubrey fears Travis will flee boot camp after testifying; Tami pushes Hank for answers.
aired 279 days ago
An audiotape wreaks havoc on boot camp; Kendra gives Hank an ultimatum; Tami and Reggie face a pregnancy scare.
aired 280 days ago
Aubrey and Travis fight; deathbed confessions rock the reality stars; Tami relives the past; Kendra pleads with Hank.
aired 281 days ago
A "Shotgun Wedding" drill forces Kendra and Hank to face issues they've been ignoring; surprise guest.
aired 251 days ago
The final ring ceremony reveals the deal breaker results and forces final decisions. One couple faces an ultimatum.
aired 252 days ago
A drunken debacle between Heidi and Aviva; sexual favors for Tyson; a surprise lie detector test.
aired 253 days ago
A food fight spirals out of control after Aviva accuses Natalie of hitting her; an ultimatum puts Tyson and Rachel's relationship on the path of destruction.
aired 254 days ago
Syleena is blind-sided by an unexpected visitor; Heidi divulges a horrific betrayal; Spencer attacks Jim in a brutal face-off.
aired 255 days ago
A sex tape exposes the reality stars; Aviva is humiliated; a game of spin the bottle; Tyson proves to be selfish.
aired 258 days ago
The couples are stunned when they undergo shock therapy to learn how to communicate better; a heated argument leaves Aviva mortified.
aired 259 days ago
Celebrity couples are forced to swap partners; Jacob breaks a promise to his wife; scandalous photos enrage Natalie.
aired 260 days ago
Tyson reveals a secret about Rachel; Natalie goes on a rampage after Rachel betrays her.
aired 261 days ago
Spencer is called out for his behavior; Heidi storms off in hysterics; a surprise lie detector test.
aired 262 days ago
Spencer is called out for his behavior; a surprise lie detector test.

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