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Life Hacks for Kids: On the Road

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Gillian Espina travels to cool locations looking for inspiration and teaching kids DIY projects.

Latest episodes

aired 826 days ago
Gillian and Angeline spend the day at Mystere, the famous Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas; "Million Dollar Dazzling Collars."
aired 827 days ago
Gillian and Angeline's adventures take them to Pasadena, Calif., where they learn how to DJ using their hacked headphones; learning about the cosmos and simulating a space mission at the Jet Propulsion Lab.
aired 833 days ago
Gillian and Angeline boat off to Catalina Island where they board a submarine for a fish-filled underwater adventure; flying high on a zip line with a hacked no hands harness to keep cell phones safe for ultimate selfies.
aired 834 days ago
The San Andreas Fault in Palm Springs, Calif.; glow stick figure costumes to light up the sky; hot air balloon ride.
aired 841 days ago
Gillian and Angeline take their hacks to magical heights in Las Vegas; after a helicopter tour and indoor skydiving, the girls learn a magic trick from world-famous magicians Penn and Teller.
aired 855 days ago
Biking through Downtown Los Angeles; the culture of Olvera Street; starring in a video game at the House of Moves.
aired 855 days ago
Gillian and Angeline visit the Tempest Free Running Academy where they begin ninja training; hacking "hardcore" headbands to complete their ninja look; ninja puppetry.
aired 869 days ago
Activities in Long Beach, Calif., including kayaking through canals and exploring the inside of a shark tank.
aired 876 days ago
Gillian and Angeline head to Silicon Valley to learn about the self-driving car; hacking a "Firefly Air Freshener" for a fresh scent.