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Kim Kong

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Inspired by a true story, this Sundance Now exclusive three-episode comedic miniseries follows bored French film director Mathieu Stannis, who while filming his latest mindless action movie, is abducted by an Asian dictatorship. The brief from the regime’s Great Leader is simple: shoot his movie – a unique reimagining of King Kong, written by the dictator himself – or they shoot him. Hampered by an inept crew, Cold War-era kit, and the erratic demands of the all-powerful tyrant, Mathieu’s very life now hinges on the success of the film. And what a film it is – a giant gorilla, awakened by the US Government, is turned to the People’s cause by a simple farm girl and the undying flame of socialism.

Latest episodes

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After an on-set tragedy, Mathieu plots his escape, but not before finishing the film.
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Finding the hidden talents in his team of technicians, and drawing inspiration from a talented young actress, the director dives wholeheartedly into creating the best version of KING KONG he can.
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While shooting his newest film in Asia, a world famous action director is kidnapped by a neighboring communist dictatorship and put to work on creating a homegrown version of KING KONG or else face a lifetime of hard labor.