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Kids Say the Darndest Things

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Host Tiffany Haddish highlights the comedic perspectives of a diverse group of kids in a mix of in-studio and taped segments, such as Kids Rule, in which kids explain to Tiffany the rules for everything from sportsmanship to dating; Love Talk, where Tiffany seeks advice on her love life; Best Carpool Ever, with Tiffany taking on carpool duty with a minivan full of kids; Granny Tiff, when Tiffany, in prosthetics and dressed up as an older woman, receives technology advice from the kids; and more.

Latest episodes

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Tiffany Haddish takes a look back at some of the funniest moments of the season; a 7-year-old aspiring FBI agent gets a crash course in forensic science, interrogation, handcuffing and more at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Va.
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A young food critic goes on a culinary adventure; kids break down the best way to eat pizza; Tiffany goes toe-to-toe with a young chess player; an aspiring entomologist shows off her cockroach collection; a virtual assistant stirs up trouble.
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A panel of sassy girls gives advice on dealing with boys; Tiffany stuns a brilliant boy with her illogical ideas about traveling to the sun; an 8-year-old who happens to be the only girl on her baseball team.
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Children talk about their favorite holiday traditions; Tiffany plays Santa's helper to determine who is on the nice list; an 8-year-old magician.
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Kids discuss the pros and cons of having siblings; an 11-year-old aerialist phenom; youngsters are tasked with keeping an extremely exhausted Tiffany awake; Tiffany is on carpool duty and finds herself in a precarious situation with the police.
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A Thanksgiving-themed episode; kids frantically gift wrap everything from Thanksgiving leftovers to a live turkey; Tiffany and an 8-year-old girl pitch movie ideas to actor Jack McBrayer.
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Kids who have slick dance moves; a germophobe; a child whose age fluctuates according to the price of a kid's meal; a 10-year-old college student; a senior citizen who says the "darndest" things.
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Two youngsters fall in love at first sight; a 7-year-old pretends to speak multiple languages; an 8-year-old surfer who is very protective of crabs; a group of young string instrument virtuosos performs; a 9-year-old aspiring talk show host.
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A pair of tight-lipped siblings; a pianist from Okinawa, Japan; three girls give Tiffany tips about what to look for in a boyfriend.
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An 11-year-old aspiring comic; a 9-year-old yodeler; a fast-talking 7-year-old; Tiffany asks an 11-year-old to fire someone on her staff; a group of kids from Harlem teaches Tiffany how to double dutch.
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A 3-year-old makeup artist; a 7-year-old with a ball-cleaning business; a 10-year-old helps Tiffany make nice with her ex-boyfriend; three girls give Tiffany advice on reconciling with an estranged friend; a surprise for three Taylor Swift superfans.
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A panel of future rock princesses question Tiffany's friendship with one of their favorite musicians; two 6-year-olds discuss all the weird things grown-ups do; Tiffany convinces kids to film a commercial for a fake product.

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