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KF Tirana

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KF Tirana is an Albanian football club based in the country's capital city, Tirana. The men's football club is part of the multi-disciplinary sports club SK Tirana, and is the most successful in Albania, having won 51 recognized major domestic trophies. They play their home games at the Selman Stërmasi Stadium in Tirana and they play in the Albanian Superliga. The club was founded on 15 August 1920 as Shoqata Sportive Agimi, which translates to the Agimi Sports Association, and they had since participated in all the top tier national championships ever held in Albania. However the ninth-place finish in the 2016-17 season relegated the club to the Albanian First Division for the first time in their history. They have competed under the name of SK Tirana between 1927 and 1947, when the communist regime forcibly renamed the club 17 Nëntori Tirana, Puna Tirana and KS 17 Nëntori. In 1991 KF Tirana retook its pre-1947 name and was divided into two branches, the multi disciplinary SK Tirana and the football branch of KF Tirana.
Location: Tirana
Arena/Stadium: Skënder Halili Complex, Qemal Stafa Stadium, and Selman Stërmasi Stadium
Head Coach: Zé Maria

Latest games

Jul 6
From Selman Stërmasi Stadium in Tirana