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Hustle in Brooklyn

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The social and professional lives of Brooklyn's hottest artists, influencers and tastemakers.

Latest episodes

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Ivy takes a leave from her full-time job to pursue a freelance gig as a brand representative for Courvoisier; Ivy and Jesse reconcile their relationship, but things turn sour at Azia's single release party.
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Getting her hustle on, Alicia makes a move to represent Azia despite Santos and Darnell; Jesse and Ivy discover the limits of their struggling romance; Darnell recommits himself to his family.
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Danielle's comedy show causes Darnell to question his working relationship with her; Alicia makes a decision about Black Rose; Eva throws Baggy a surprise birthday party.
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Eva struggles with her abusive past and reveals her crush to her manager after he gives her positive feedback about her latest comedy performance; Raquel forces Darnell to choose between his family and Danny.
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After tempers cool, the Brooklynites focus on their hustles, but love interests continue to wreak havoc; Ivy goes on a roller-coaster ride when she finds out new details about Jesse; Danielle rustles up a date.
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Danielle makes a play for Ivy's man, Jesse, stirring up major drama in the crew and setting off an unfortunate chain of events; Darnell confronts Jesse and things turn ugly; Azia performs with a live band for the first time.
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Baggy outs Alicia for throwing shade Ivy's way; Ivy and Jesse make it official; Danielle finds herself at a personal and professional crossroads with Darnell; Alicia goes on a date with ex-convict Black Rose and things heat-up.
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Eva has a successful comedy show and gets to know Baggy; Azia puts Santos on notice about messy Darnell; Alicia goes behind Ivy's back and sets up a meeting for Baggy.
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Azia meets with Santos and Darnell, who promise to take her career to the next level; Ivy hosts a successful video release party for EOne; Alicia makes boss moves for potential new client Baggy.

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