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Gold Digger

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A wealthy 60-year-old woman enters into a relationship with a man nearly half her age who might be attracted more to her money than to her.

Latest episodes

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Reeling from the revelations about Benjamin's past, Julia must make a decision.
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When Benjamin's half-brother shows up, Julia goes on a quest to find out what Benjamin's hiding.
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When Julia tells Ted about her engagement to Benjamin, it causes unexpected consequences; to protect her wealth, Patrick suggests Julia get Benjamin to sign a prenup.
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After Julia's children accuse Benjamin of infidelity, their relationship grows stronger and Benjamin proposes.
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Julia's visit with Benjamin is disrupted by a tense confrontation with Ted, who questions Julia's motivations for her new relationship; Della turns up unannounced on her ex's doorstep, Della's brother tries to dig up dirt on Benjamin.
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Sixty-year-old Julia and 33-year-old Benjamin meet by chance and start dating; when Julia introduces Benjamin to her grown up children, they question his intentions.

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