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Hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, who played one of TV's most celebrated prodigies, this new game show teams up whiz kids from across the country to face off in extraordinary challenges of the brain. Through a series of escalating rounds involving math, memory, logic, spelling and more, the kids are tested in different brain-teasing disciplines. In the final round, the top teams take part in The Cortex, the ultimate test of genius. The winning team takes home a prize that will help set the stage for their bright futures.

Latest episodes

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Three teams compete in the finals; a team is crowned the "Genius Junior" champion.
VOD available
Anna, Vivek and Summer of 27 Yards compete with Treasure, Sebastian and Apoorva of The Fast and the Curious.
VOD available
In the second semifinal, Michi, Jackson and Ugochi of Geeks on Fleek face Christopher, Silvia and Lance of 99 Problems.
VOD available
In the first of the semifinals, Victoria, Tyler and Melody of The Brainy Bunch go up against Ashley, Rodrigo and Shivani of The Dorkside.
VOD available
Anna, Vivek and Summer from 27 Yards take on Nolan, Eashani and Jack from Wicked Smaht.
VOD available
Nile, Reagan and Akshansh of Legen-Wait For It-dary take on Treasure, Sebastian and Apoorva of The Fast and the Curious.
VOD available
Vinay, Lillian and Bryan of The FOGS go up against Michi, Jackson and Ugochi of Geeks on Fleek.
VOD available
Christopher, Silvia and Lance of 99 Problems take on Norah, Matt and Paige of Cheese Cabinet.
VOD available
Victoria, Tyler and Melody of The Brainy Bunch go up against Ethan, Devananda and Connor of The Superlatives.
VOD available
Rodrigo, Ashley, and Shivani of The Dork Side go up against Sebastian, Michelle, and Aiden of Team on a Roll.

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