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FC Zorya Luhansk

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FC Zorya Luhansk, formerly known as Zaria Voroshilovgrad and Zorya-MALS, is a Ukrainian football team. Zorya Luhansk is based in the city of Luhansk, Luhansk Oblast, Ukraine. However, because of the war in Eastern Ukraine, the team play their games at Slavutych-Arena in Zaporizhia. The modern club was created on 10 April 1964 on decision of the Football Federation of the Soviet Union merging the October Revolution factory sports club Zorya and the Luhansk regional branch of "Trudovye Rezervy" sports society. In 1972 as Zaria Voroshilovgrad the club became the first Soviet club from province that won the Soviet Top League title. Today, the modern club considers the factory team as its predecessor that was established back in 1923. The name Zorya means "dawn" in Ukrainian.
Location: Luhansk
Arena/Stadium: "Slavutich - Arena" Stadium
Head Coach: Viktor Skrypnyk

Latest games

Aug 29
From "Slavutich - Arena" Stadium in Zaporizhzhia
Aug 22
From RCDE Stadium in Cornellà de Llobregat
Aug 15
From "Slavutich - Arena" Stadium in Zaporizhzhia
Aug 8
From Stadion Vasil Levski in Sofia
Aug 1
From "Slavutich - Arena" Stadium in Zaporizhzhia
Jul 25
From Stadion Pod Goricom in Podgorica