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Faces of LAFC

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Explores the unique character stories of our diverse LAFC super fans as they share their passion for both football and LAFC.

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Amy Acevedo, a diehard Auburn football fan, fell in love with LAFC because it reminded her of SEC football atmosphere back in Alabama. Her life changed when she became a mother, but it didn’t stop her from attending LAFC games, instead it was a chance to start a new family tradition with her daughter and husband.
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Eva Rico has two teenage sons with autism spectrum disorders. She became an advocate committed to raise acknowledgement and education about the fastest growing developmental disorder that is also a global crisis. For a family living with autism, being surrounded by LAFC supporters has brought joy and a sense of acceptance to the Rico family ever since joining the 3252.
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Isaiah Lopez who started cutting hair at the age of 17 with very little direction, is now a proud barbershop owner with a long pro-athlete clientele list. His passion for LAFC is rooted in his life-long love for the Mexican national team and family ties to soccer.
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JM Herrmann and his wife Jenny were LA Galaxy fans until JM fell in love with the direction of LAFC and decided to go all in with LAFC. Jenny remained an avid LA Galaxy fan until her first LAFC game experience swept her away.
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Franklin Leonard is known for founding the Black List, the yearly publication highlighting Hollywood’s most popular unproductive screenplays, but he is also an avid LAFC fan who describes the match day experience as his version of going to church with a gospel choir.