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"Don't" is a comedic physical game show that offers contestants the opportunity to team up with their family and friends for the chance to win a cash prize of up to $100,000 by tackling hilarious tasks, each with the simple rule of "Don't." In each episode, members of the four-person team strive to accomplish various challenges, such as "Don't Laugh," "Don't Blink" or "Don't Look Back," as they work together to build their bank. Award-winning actor, director and producer Adam Scott hosts.

Latest episodes

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An Army vet, her retired Army Special Operations husband, and his wacky baby sister and hydro mechanic cousin from Washington state attempt to conquer challenges, including Don't Miss, Don't Embarrass Yourself and Don't Beat Yourself Up.
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Nathan, Zac, Mikayla and Cody Ellison compete in a series of challenges, including Don't Miss a Beat and Don't Beat Yourself Up, to try to win $100,000.
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From Cedar Rapids, Iowa, sisters Dahlia, Latifah, Amal and Sabrin compete in a series of challenges -- "Don't Leave Me Hanging," "Don't Miss," "Don't Lose Your Grip," "Don't Drink" and "Don't Get Tired" -- in an attempt to win $100,000.
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Brothers from Atlanta bring their divorced parents together again and attempt to win $100,000 by competing in challenges, including Don't Turn the Car Around, Don't Play Ball in the House, Don't Beat Yourself Up and Don't Be Shocked.
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A blended family from Los Angeles show off their upside-down-baseball-catching, tug-of-war-rope-pulling, slingshot-fire-extinguishing skills in various challenges.
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Contestants from Brooklyn, N.Y., do their best to master challenges Don't Get Tired, Don't Blink, Don't Drink, Don't Use Fowl Language and Don't Get Clocked in hopes of winning $100,000.