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Decker: Unclassified

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Adult Swim veteran Tim Heidecker ("Tim and Eric Awesome Show") created and stars in this spoof of action films. He plays Special Agent Jack Decker, who is tasked with stopping terror threats before they get underway. Decker is assisted on the mission by his partner, Special Agent Kington. This time around, the agents are on a plane that is controlled by terrorists who are aiming it at Mount Rushmore.

Latest episodes

aired 612 days ago
Decker Jr. and his friends visit his father's burial site; a powerful enemy prepares for his revenge.
aired 613 days ago
Decker Jr. and others learn the importance of the stars and stripes through the power of the movies.
aired 614 days ago
While on the job for his famous security business, Decker becomes close with a top client.
aired 615 days ago
Framed for a crime he didn't commit, Decker has forty-eight hours to clear his name.
aired 619 days ago
Decker's family vacation in Hawaii is interrupted by breaking news.
aired 620 days ago
Decker and Kington race against the clock to prevent a massive attack that threatens the entire male gender.
VOD available
Agent Jonathan Kington finds a new champion of American freedom.
VOD available
Supergroup, Dekkar infiltrates the world's most powerful terrorist group.
VOD available
When an energy crisis plagues the United States, Decker and Kington discover a powerful organization at the root of it all.
VOD available
Decker time travels to stop one of the largest attacks against America.
VOD available
Young recruit Jack Decker rallies against the PC culture around him to save hundreds of innocent heroes.
aired 629 days ago
Jack Decker finds himself in a treacherous situation with no one but Jonathan Kington to help.

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Comic Eric André hosts a late-night show that parodies low-budget public-access programs and brings the talk genre to another level -- not in a good way. It features interviews with celebrities -- some really are, and others are impersonators -- and what producers describe as "extreme real-life weirdos" interspersed with "deranged" man-on-the-street segments and just general chaos in the studio. Working with André is apathetic sidekick Hannibal Buress, who serves as the straight man to the hyperactive host.
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