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Dancing With the Stars: Juniors

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Professional junior ballroom dancers pair with 12 celebrity kids to train and compete in ballroom dancing.

Latest episodes

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The final couples each reprise a favorite dance they performed during the season, then perform a no-holds-barred freestyle to a special holiday-themed song; one couple takes home the Juniors Mirrorball trophy.
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The contestants, mentors, judges and hosts join for a dance number; the four remaining kid couples advance to the semifinals, where they each perform two dances.
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The five remaining participants travel to the past and future and perform a dance from their chosen era.
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The six remaining celebrity kids each dedicate a dance to those who have inspired and impacted their lives; Stevie Wonder performs.
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The seven remaining celebrity kids choose the song they dance to; an elimination.
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The remaining celebrity kids don their scariest costumes and perform spooky dances.
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The nine remaining celebrity kids transform into characters from their favorite Disney films; one couple goes home.
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The 10 remaining celebrity kids each set out to dance to a song that came out the year they were born.
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The full cast of contestants performs in the opening number; each couple performs a cha cha, salsa, foxtrot or jive; two teams are eliminated.

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