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Dancing on the Edge

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The drama miniseries "Dancing on the Edge" is set in 1930s London and follows a group of black jazz musicians, the Louis Lester Band, as it finds fame based on performing in front of London's elite. Despite traveling a roadblock-filled path -- much of the upper-class recoil at the thought of black musicians playing in polite society -- the city's more progressive socialites, including members of the royal household, take debonair leader Louis Lester and his cohorts under their wing. But when the band gets entangled in a shadowy world, it results in a suspected murder that could wreck its career.

Latest episodes

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Stanley interviews the Louis Lester Band as the group reaches its apex; includes performance footage and commentary on issues of the day.
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Louis hides out while an unlikely source offers a substantial sum for his capture; the band plans its escape.
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The band performs at Jessie's funeral; Louis becomes confused about what he witnessed on the night of the murder; Masterson offers Stanley a business proposition.
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The police interview Louis about Jessie's attack; Stanley finds a new challenge at the office; Louis confides in Sarah on New Year's Eve; romance blossoms between Pamela and Stanley.
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The band's fortunes change following its introduction to a wealthy recluse.
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The Louis Lester Band, an all-black group of musicians, is invited into the heart of 1930s London's aristocratic society.