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Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

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"Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane, in a departure from the type of material he is best known for, pays homage to Carl Sagan's award-winning and iconic "Cosmos" with this docuseries. Through stories of humankind's quest for knowledge, viewers travel across the universe. Scientific concepts are presented clearly, with both skepticism and wonder, to impart their full impact. Renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson hosts, and Sagan's original creative collaborator, Ann Druyan, serves as an executive producer.

Latest episodes

aired 979 days ago
The Ship of the Imagination travels to Venus; the impact of climate change on the Earth's atmosphere.
aired 979 days ago
Examining the autobiography of the Earth; geologist Marie Tharp creates the first map of the Earth's ocean floor and finds microscopic life.
aired 986 days ago
Exploring dark energy; astronomer Fritz Zwicky's observations of supernovae; the Voyager Golden Record.
aired 986 days ago
The possibility that some beings live forever and why other civilizations die; the cosmic calendar of the future.
aired 986 days ago
Annie Jump Cannon and Cecilia Payne, who challenged conventional wisdom about the stars; the lives and deaths of stars.
aired 1,105 days ago
The heroic story told by going back to a time long before the Earth was formed.
aired 1,105 days ago
Exploring the universe on the smallest scale, including exotic life forms invisible to the naked eye; the neural network in the brain; the most mysterious particle.
aired 1,105 days ago
Astronomer William Herschel's observations of light's impact on time and gravity; a journey to the event horizon of a black hole.
aired 1,105 days ago
Chasing a single comet through its million-year plunge toward the sun; the birthplace of Sir Isaac Newton and his friendship with polymath Edmond Halley.
aired 1,105 days ago
Giordano Bruno's spiritual epiphany about the universe; a compressed version of the cosmic calendar.
aired 1,168 days ago
Artificial selection turns the wolf into canine breeds; natural selection's impact on the human eye; extinction.
aired 1,169 days ago
Scientist Michael Faraday's ideas and discoveries changed the future of high technology and instantaneous communication.
aired 1,169 days ago
The history of the scientific method and how it helped us understand how light travels and how we see; the infrared universe.

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