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Close to the Enemy

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Callum Ferguson must ensure that a German scientist helps the British to develop the jet engine.

Latest episodes

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Preparations for Dieter's wedding are underway. Employing the same tactics as Callum, Kathy finally confronts Bergit about her activities, forcing her to realize that her options are limited.
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Victor tries to expose Callum's team's activities.
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Dieter is seemingly helping the British to achieve their Jet engine goals.
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Kathy and Callum prevent a war criminal from leaving the country.
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Everyone puts aside their differences in the search for Lotte, but Callum must make a difficult choice between his brother and orders from his superiors; Kathy and Callum work together to prevent someone important from leaving the country.
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Callum uses unorthodox methods to convince Dieter to work with the British.
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Lotte and her father arrive in England.

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