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Britain's Bloody Crown: War Of The Roses

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Documentary series in which historian Dan Jones' unique storytelling is combined with scripted drama to reveal the true story of the Wars of the Roses.

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The Wars of the Roses ended in August 1485 when Henry Tudor defeated Richard III at the battle of Bosworth, but Henry VII would never have become king and founded the Tudor dynasty without his mother, Margaret Beaufort.
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Dan Jones discovers that, at the time of Edward IV's death, his younger brother Richard was an English hero, a great military leader who had shown unswerving loyalty to the crown.
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Henry VI was replaced on the throne by the young Edward IV, but the real story is of the man who masterminded Edward's victory - England's most powerful Baron: Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick.
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The Wars of the Roses started with a bloodthirsty battle that broke out between two great Royal families. But when these events started, no one knew they were in for thirty years of civil war.

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