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Brain Games

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This Emmy-nominated series is designed to mess with the ultimate supercomputer. Host Jason Silva reveals how brains process information related to topics like stress, addiction, competition, food, trust and language. Interactive games and hidden-camera experiments capture hilarious and shocking results, and viewers get real-world takeaways -- how to improve memory, get a better night's sleep, make more money -- to use in everyday situations.

Latest episodes

aired 293 days ago
Jason Silva meets several people in Colorado Springs, Colorado, who personify the word "survivor", and puts their brains to the test.
aired 300 days ago
Hidden senses in the brain.
aired 307 days ago
Jason Silva heads to the New Jersey Shore to show how the mind's point of view shifts over a lifetime.
aired 332 days ago
New research has uncovered that believing in God may be hardwired in our brains.
aired 339 days ago
A tour through the labyrinthine city of London; a metaphor for your brain and its numerous regions and intricate pathways.
aired 346 days ago
Discovering the reason why brains may be wired to believe everything a person hears; convincing people with one word.
aired 353 days ago
Comparing animal and human brains in a series of unique competitions to see how our brains stack up against those of other species.
aired 353 days ago
Learn how thinking positively can change your thoughts, your reality and can even change your life.
aired 367 days ago
Interactive games and experiments show how the brain is deceived; how scammers and con artists use the brains flaws to their advantage.
aired 367 days ago
Understanding how you can use your imagination to solve daily problems, tapping into the imaginative process and how to keep good ideas flowing.
aired 374 days ago
Discovering how the brain becomes tripped up by odd angles and how light and shadows effect your perception of the world.
aired 374 days ago
Testing the effects of sleep deprivation on human performance by keeping three volunteers awake for 36 hours.
aired 495 days ago
How the brain and body are connected, and which is in charge.
aired 502 days ago
The many ways your brain deceives you on a daily basis.
VOD available
What people see shouldn't always be trusted; mind altering illusions show us that often it's the brain that's to blame and not the eyes.
VOD available
Why humans lie, what goes on in the brain that allows them to do so and why telling the truth is psychologically so much easier.
aired 651 days ago
Learn what is it about the brain that makes us want to win; Interactive games test your competitive streak, as well as reveal why rivalry can be a good thing.
VOD available
A series of interactive games and surprising experiments reveal astonishing facts about how you make decisions and how to get better at making them.
VOD available
Interactive games and experiments that raise the human brain's fitness to the next level, giving your brain the exercise it needs.
aired 651 days ago
Explore spatial awareness, how our brains communicate and the brain's hardwired sense of direction.
aired 651 days ago
Illusionist Eric Leclerc shows how basic beliefs and perceptions can lead you astray; gravity is put to the test by dropping a watermelon and an egg from four stories up!

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