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Flashes of light appear in the sea, and people from the past emerge in the present; the so-called "beforeigners" struggle to integrate into modern society, then a woman with Stone Age tattoos is found murdered on a beach.

Latest episodes

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The hunt for the identity of the Tjuvholmen woman pays off.
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As an anti-technology attack shakes the world, Lars' secrets and Alfhildr's temper cause problems with the case.
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A stunt to promote the Ben Dover Express has unforeseen consequences for Lars's daughter, Ingrid and her friends.
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Forensic evidence from the victim's body points to the transtemporal scene.
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The investigation leads Lars and Alfhildr to a multitemporal sex club where they begin to rethink the whole case.
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Oslo police officer Lars Haaland lands in the middle of a mystery: the arrival of time-traveling refugees.

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As part of HBO's plan to showcase its popular international content, U.S. audiences are treated to this original HBO Europe production from the Czech Republic. The eight-episode psychological/crime drama tells of how a close-knit, multigenerational mining village is torn apart by the disappearance of a 14-year-old girl. It sets off a series of mysterious, shocking events that involve a foreign coal-mining operation and the town's mayor, Hana Sikorová, who is also the missing girl's mother. As Hana begins doubting and suspecting everyone around her, the once-peaceful community begins to fracture and residents start showing their true colors.