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Baseball: A Film by Ken Burns

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The story of America's national pastime by storyteller Ken Burns.

Latest episodes

aired 141 days ago
Suspicions and revelations about performance enhancing drugs keep surfacing in baseball.
aired 142 days ago
A cataclysmic strike over money and power brings baseball to the brink.
aired 151 days ago
America, the world and baseball are seeing more changes then at any time in history.
aired 158 days ago
The nation undergoes turbulent changes from 1960 to 1970, as does baseball -- Babe Ruth's home run record is challenged by Roger Maris and pitchers dominate the game.
aired 172 days ago
Major League Baseball becomes, in fact, what it has always claimed to be: the national pastime.
aired 178 days ago
How baseball fulfills America's need for heroes.
aired 179 days ago
America's recovery from World War I and baseball's recovery from the 1919 World Series scandal.
aired 184 days ago
Before and after World War I, a steady stream of immigrants want instantly to become American.
aired 185 days ago
Byron Bancroft Ban Johnson takes over a struggling minor league and turns it into a success.
aired 186 days ago
In NYC in the 1840s, people needed a diversion from the railroad pace at which they work and live.

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