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101 Events That Made the 20th Century

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The history of mankind is a never-ending story of change but no span of 100 years can claim to have changed the world so much.

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The 10 events that most marked history; Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream Speech" influences civil rights laws; apartheid ends in South Africa; a bomb drops in Hiroshima; man lands on the moon.
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From the Wright brothers who flew a plane for the first time, to a country that launched Sputnik into space for the first time, the 20th century showed the rapid advance in technological feats.
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A space venture of a shuttle called Challenger; a ship journey on the unsinkable Titanic; a car chase of Princess Diana; a war in Vietnam, in China, and war upon the U.S.; the birth of the Israeli nation; a new style of cinema with sound.
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Treaty in Versailles aimed at bringing peace to the world; the Watergate political scandal; the collapse of the Soviet Union; the assassination of John Lennon.
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The battle of Stalingrad is turning point in WWII; the Rwandan genocide and Tiananmen Square massacre leaves millions in sorrow; war criminals are taken to trial in Nuremberg; the creation of the bra; a groundbreaking heart transplant.
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Counting down from 75 to 63, showcasing great works of art and scientific feats in space, civil wars, sieges, and environmental crises; the construction of the Panama Canal; the invention of genetically modified crops that changed the future of food.
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The release of a book called "Silent Spring" that put a voice to an important plight; the doom of the Jonestown cult; the opening of Disneyland.
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From the coronation of the enduring British monarch Queen Elizabeth II, to the rise of Iranian dictator Khomeini, to the impeachment trials of US president Bill Clinton; from the discovery of King Tut in The Valley of Kings to evacuation of Dunkirk.

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